How To Add App Shortcuts On Android Notification Bar

As every Android user know that notification bar is certainly one of the  most handy Android features, but as the majority of OS elements can easily be modified as we need. But the Android notification bar is the real hot aspect of every Android system and now we will present you with a essentials on how to add app shortcuts to favorite Android notification bar.

Android Notification Bar

Like other things, it can be accomplished by just installing little app called “Bar Launcher”. What it actually does, it actually create an additional bar in your Android notifications bar which we normally pull-down from top side of the home screen. If the device is already some shortcuts out there, these new app shortcuts will be added down the primary bar. This app is almost support all the existing devices, the only real prerequisite is that you will need to have the Android version 4.0 or later. It requires even no permission to work. just download and install the Bar Launcher from the Play Store for free.

How to use Bar Launcher

The moment that you’ve installed this app, just start by opening it and you’ll see a very simple interface. At the very top, you will see the on & off switch button, by default this button is disabled. It enables you to add and remove the secondary notification bar as needed.

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To add app shortcuts simply hit the “+” icon found in blue colored circle and this will open up a new screen containing a list of installed app on your device. You may add one app at one time, up to 8 apps maximum.


Apps that are added by mistake or that you don’t want anymore can be removed by simply sliding it to the right. By tapping on the application, you can switch it out for another one. You can also rearrange them, since the first one you’ve chosen will be the first in the line, Simply tap and hold down on the app and drag it to the position you would like it to be. And you can change some parameters in the settings such as background color, remove the Launch Bar icon from the notification bar and other settings such as priority notifications or applications.

The awesome thing about the Bar Launcher is the fact that you can make several shortcuts rows in notification bar. Just tap on three-line dash menu and select “add row” option. Each and every row can be titled.

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