How To Add Multiple Passcodes On iOS 7 Using MultiPass

Protection is the major issue that people are interested in, we would like anything which can guard our smart phones from being ripped off or anybody from getting into phone’s home screen and viewing our private info. Are you among those individuals who fail to remember the password or pass-codes? If your answer to this dilemma is yes, then we have a remedy for you. Now you may set numerous pass-codes on your own iPhone and by the help of a little and simple Cydia tweak. Have a look at the details here on how to add multiple passcodes on iOS 7 using MultiPass.

Mutli Passcodes iPhone

MutliPass Cydia tweak gives us the power to add multiple pass-codes to our own iPhone running on iOS 7. So anytime we try to unlock our device we have to enter various forms of pass-codes we’ve added already.

How To Add Multiple Passcodes On iOS 7 Using MultiPass

Mutli Passcodes iPhone

MultiPass is certainly one that developer’s try to avoid that situation by providing users while using the ability to designate several passcodes via the iPhone Settings app. Utilization of this tweak is very simple by just opening the settings panel of the app and providing the needed number of 4 digits pass-codes there. Then any one of these may be entered when iOS lock screen ask for authentication.

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This jailbreak tweak also feature a very simple toggle which can be utilized to change the app functionality to on/off at any time. This will be especially very important when trouble-shooting any unusual or unpredicted behavior of device where you have several packages installed by Cydia.

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