How To Check Apple Firmwares Signed Status

Apple is ready to launch its new iOS 8 to public when launching iPhone 6, due to which company is approaching to minimize the use of previous firmware versions as Apple already stopped signing iOS 7.1.2 a few days ago, which means that nobody can upgrade, downgrade or restore the iOS 7.1.1 build no 11D201 until unless users already saved SHSH blobs previously. But the question is which firmware is still signed by the Apple for its devices and we got a website through which we can check Apple firmwares signed status find the detail down below.

Firmware/IPSW File

But meanwhile all those users who have iOS devices running on iOS 7.1.2 that a new version of TinyUmbrella is launched and anyone who is really curious to hold on his version can now Download TinyUmbrella 7.12.00 To Save iOS 7.1.2 SHSH Blobs on iPhone 4.

Majority of users have already upgraded to iOS firmware version 7.1.2 along with several fixes and improvements, and with the availability of new jailbreak tool Pangu people are feeling very easy with iOS 7.1.2 and with this news I think people will be more delighted.

In order to find which Apple firmware is still signed by the Apple or not? Open this website and you can just check out the firmware status by means of this site.

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Apple Firmware Status

In above picture you can see the status of “Beta Firmware” signed by the Apple and available for downgrade. As one can downgrade the iOS 7 beta 6 back to beta 5 but it is not possible to downgrade back to iOS 7 beta 4, beta 3 or earlier versions. This site is containing four tabs, “Firmware“,”Beta Firmwares“,”Device“,”Stats” and on first three pages you can see the signing status “Yes” or  “No“, if the status is “Yes” it means the firmware can be downgraded to that specific firmware though iTunes.

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