Chrome For iOS Updated To Minimize Data Usage

Recently Google updated the Chrome for iOS with regular bug fixes and a number of new important features. Among those new features is, the ability to minimize data usage for your iOS device when using the cellular data on internet.


This feature specifically reroutes the Incognito or non-SSL browsing via Google’s servers actually to compress those web pages, causing the less data being passed on to and from your iOS device.

Chrome For iOS Updated To Minimize Data Usage

In an effort to use this new feature, and ideally minimize the data usage by Chrome, you will need to open the recent version of app and then go to the Settings app.


As soon as inside the settings app, look for the Bandwidth option and then tap on it, and then “Reduce Data Usage”. Switch ON this option to allow data compression.


Go ahead, you will find the stats of the amount of data you’ve saved, when surfing around the Web working with Chrome. However, there is no mean to find out if this data saved on the Wi-Fi or while making use of a the cellular data.

This feature was not enabled automatically, but if you don’t like to route all of your Web browsing website traffic by means of Google’s servers, you just follow the same technique to make sure it is turned-off on your iOS device.

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