Cydia Reloading Data Issue: Here’s a Simple Fix

Everybody like to jailbreak their device but some times people are very annoyed when they face a situation when their jailbroken device showing “Reloading Data” message while using Cydia. It mainly because of some bad, unresponsive or offline repo. People who’ve added lots of 3rd-party repos to Cydia, may encounter this issue while using Cydia. Here we have some simple solutions to this Cydia “Reloading Data” issue, check out more details.

Cydia Reloading data

To fix this issue just launch Cydia and from bottom open the “Source” tab, and here scroll-down until you see the spinning icon with Reloading Data message. The source on which this message is appeared, is definitely the culprit and after uninstalling this the Cydia will refresh normally.

Obviously, you will need to save a screenshot, or simply note down the address of that repo which you are going to remove from Cydia. Once done, swipe to left and then hit “Delete” button to remove that source from Cydia.

I am sure that this is not the suitable solution for the Cydia “Reloading Data” issue, as no body like to remove an installed source or repo which highly used, but occasionally  it is the only solution to this problem.

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