Guide To Disable Facebook Auto-play Videos On Android

As Facebook updated app has an auto video playback feature. Where a mobile users will observe that the videos will start playing automatically when they come across them in the news feed. No matter we are interested or not in that video, although this feature will likely be useful for somebody, but without any doubt it will be annoyance for some users and the big thing is it consumes more of device data in case you have a limited data plan and it also drains your device battery, So here’s we got a guide to disable Facebook auto-play videos on Android devices.

Facebook auto play video

If you believe this Facebook feature is also annoying you and want to disable it so just follow the steps given below on your own Android device.

Steps To Disable Facebook Auto-play Videos On Android

To try this, swipe the Facebook app farthest tab on your Android device and just hit the App Settings. And here under the app General Settings, simply tap the option called “Video Auto-Play” and toggle this option to Off. Obviously, by default this Facebook option is On, but when set to Off the Auto video play back option will be disabled.

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Facebook auto play video

It is actually important to note that, as you may already have switch-off this video auto-play option, now the videos auto play back will only begin if you tap on that video otherwise not, so you does not need to bother with the Facebook app such feature.

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