How To Disable iPhone Tracking On iOS 7

We already know that all of our iPhones are keep tracking our every move on regular basis. This might be a real panic for every iPhone customer as nobody wants to be tracked. How can we disable this iPhone tracking? Actually this option is the part of iPhone’s locations option and that is very nice as it helps us in some manner. While doing so, some sort of information that we share via Frequent Locations might be real concern for our personal data. So  in this article we are going through some steps that how to disable iPhone tracking On iOS 7.

iphone frequent locations

If you’re too worried about your own privacy, you must disable this iPhone tracking feature which track down every move that we take. Imagine it, it is very easy that we can easily fix this trouble.

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How To Disable iPhone Tracking On iOS 7

You just turn off the Frequent Locations service of your iPhone. This job is not so complex or complicated to perform. You can even handle it in a few seconds.

  • Open Settings tool and that is most likely the most important program for setting up your iPhone exactly how you wish it to be.
  • Open the Privacy menu.
  • Tap the Location Services. And here you’ll stay to perform few steps more.
  • Scroll down until you see System Services. Just tap it.
  • Now you will see the “Frequent Locations” option just tap it.
  • Here simply disable only two options: the first one is Frequent Locations and second one is Improve Maps.

 Now you’ve disable your iPhone location tracking successfully, and your iPhone is no more tracking your every move and you shouldn’t bother about that your smartphone is monitor your location information. Furthermore, the iOS battery life will get some more extension as soon as you disable this iOS 7 Frequent Locations service.

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