Google Play Store App 4.1.10 APK With Battery Draining Bug Fix [Download]

The Google Play Store has an update that will preferably quash a specifically annoying battery draining bug. Updates of the Google Play Store are definitely not usually the most fascinating things, and with great reason. When you are confronted with an application which has the only goal of getting money, there is only a few that can be executed to spruce it up. And here is the Google Play Store App 4.1.10 APK With battery draining bug fix.


Fortunately or unfortunately based on how you thinking about this, some of the updates are not a great deal about contributing features as they are likely to bugs fixing.Same occur with the version 4.1.10 of Google Play Store update.

Here the Google Play Store App 4.1.6 APK that arrived prior to the Google I/O just lately, this little update is not going to add something new or change some elements on this occasion. Rather, it does show up to fix an essential bug, particularly if you are the user of specific HTC branded gadgets.


A latest update to Google Play Services presented a bug which found a serious drainage of the battery turn out to be a trouble for some, with a particular location relevant bug being the root cause. It would show up that the new version 4.1.10 of Google Play Store update fixes this issue, a thing that will likely be music to the hearing of those impacted, HTC users particularly seemed to be in especially bad shape.

It is at the moment uncertain why Google did not merely update the Google Play Services instead of rolling out an update for Play Store, but if the outcome is a durable battery and better location detecting efficiency for those people who are affected, then anyone will truly get attention.


The update is released for Android gadgets as we discuss, and can be downloaded through the link at the bottom of the post if you are the kind of person who simply are unable to wait just like me. We have observed some horrible Nexus 7 battery overall performance ourself, so we will be providing this a picture next time.

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So go ahead and download the version 4.1.10 APK of Google Play Store App.

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