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As browsers provides flexibility, functionality, extensions, bookmarks and a lot more features to users, as we got all the important options just a click away, which includes saving the articles, taking screenshot of pages, and sharing different content and links through email and social networks. So when we are browsing various sites and pages on our iPhone or iPad, we absolutely want to have some great browsers on our device, and download best browsers for iPhone & iPad.

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It is very important to note that Apple store not permit any browser which not include the Open Source WebKit browser engine for page rendering. So we are here to list down best browsers for any iPhone and iPad.

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As we already used different browsers, but there are the couple of key features which are very important that every mobile browsers must has:

  • Toggle the user agents between mobile desktop versions of sites
  • Support Incognito/Private  mode
  • Support various shortcuts functions such reload, back/forward
  • Manage downloads
  • Various saving and sharing options
  • Reader mode to display summary of article

Best Browsers For iPhone & iPad

Chrome Browser

Chrome is free and major browser for desktop and mobile devices. Chrome is providing integration with Google services such as search, accounts and some very awesome user interface options. It is a kind of all round browser, and best competitors for all browsers.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin is free browser we selected. It better than Safari, as it a bit more faster provide download management, crash recovery, tabs mode, full-screen mode, it is more powerful and impressive. It does not support iPads and not able to import bookmarks from Safari but using this you will love it than using Safari.

Opera Mini Browser

Opera Mini Browser is another fantastic alternative browser to the Safari, which is available for free, this is considerably faster than built-in iOS browser, and one can easily find the real difference when loading a heavy sites. As it also renders compressed web pages via their  servers. It have some big navigation buttons which is very easy to use than Safari.

Atomic Browser

As we can say that is an alternative to Safari, as it not free but in full-screen mode it much better that Dolphin browser and also have tabbed interface, it also support the Safari bookmarks import and having some other features and options which is quite useful. If you really love a web development environment then Atomic is best choice.

Mercury Browser

Mercury is much reliable and better browsers than some available browsers in the apps market. It provides a tabbed as well as full-screen interface, importing bookmarks and also support gestures. It is considerably faster. But the downside is the download manager and gestures are little buggy.

Photon Browser

Photon is on top of the iPhone browser in term of delivering Flash. It can do this by loading a remote desktop from a laptop or computer which actually streaming Flash to your iPhone. Of course, because of  this it is little slow and causing some unusual user interface.

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