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I would not think of anything other than WhatsApp to keep in touch with my buddies. There was once when WhatsApp was given the start by Apple, people had to look for alternatives. I was not one of them, but I’ve since been start for an excellent option just in situation apocalypse is here.
WhatsApp has not got very many alternatives that can do just as excellent. No question there are other solutions which are greater, but the achieve and reputation of WhatsApp is only equalled by Viber.



WhatsApp has not received so many alternatives that carry out similar in results. Undoubtedly there are actually few other services that are excellent, but the popularity and reach of WhatsApp is merely equalled by, for instance the Viber does.

So now, what we will do is check it out few truly best alternatives that you can use if WhatsApp is not going to work out well.

List Of Top 5 WhatsApp Alternatives For iPhone

Prior to that, they’re the factors we are considering in alternatives:

  • Multi-platform compatibility like WhatsApp
  • Rich media exchange (audio, video etc.)
  • Easy “favoriting” options
  • Smooth contact sync
  • All the interface goodies: emoticons



WeChat is an appealing fresh chat client from probably none aside from the Chinese coast of Tencent targeted at linking an incredible number of people. Not so remarkably, their reputation has leaped over the time and with a reasonable design and development – the WeChat does jump out as a best alternative presented you can get your buddies to use it. Like the WhatsApp, WeChat is offered for lots of devices.

Download WeChat



Kik is what happens to our imagination when we think about WhatsApp alternatives. With an increasing user-base of more than 30-million, Kik does seem appealing but migration is not so full-fledged. Once again the cross-platform compatibility is effective just great coupled with a smooth and exciting design on User interface. Compared with WhatsApp on iPhone the Kik app is free.

Download Kik Messenger

eBuddy XMS:


I have dabbled with the eBuddy because the Java times of mobile phones and I actually do not have any grievances about them apart from the advertisements they display on Android screens. I do not have a great deal of a practical experience with XMS but it is just an excellent app to keep your conversations.

Download eBuddy XMS



Well, you found this arriving did not you? Viber is not a clear substitute to WhatsApp but if what you are after is a simple, free online messaging platform, the Viber would be your perfect choice. It does not feature rich media items but now that’s what the Viber was designed for.

Download Viber



Contrary to very popular concept, among the iOS users, still iMessage messaging app is one of the most likely mean to communicate. It is very simple and easy to use.

 So these are the real Whatsapp alternatives that we can think of. I am very sure there are few other useful and handy alternatives. If you have also got any one except these, then mention here!

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