Download Free VOIP Apps For Free Calls

If anyone need to get a free international call, it is no more real headache anymore because there are a great number of apps that allow you to place free calls to any of your friends and family abroad, and within the country obviously, free. Apart from apps such as Skype, Viber you will discover some other apps which we think the best VOIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) calling apps using the Wi-Fi or even some time mobile data such as 3G or 4G). Here we are some free VOIP apps for free calls just check it out.

facebook call

Download Free VOIP Apps For Free Calls

Facebook Messenger

We’ve in fact started making use of Facebook Messenger app with free-calling feature, which got here just previous month. We already have tried it several times and we have to mention that we are really stunned at the way it worked with some excellent sound quality! I actually called my bother in US, and his sound was better than Skype or other phone lines. Therefore  we really highly recommend the Facebook Messenger to make VOIP calls for even local as well as international calls.

facebook call

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Bolt VOIP App:

Bolt is comparatively a new VOIP app to include on top of VOIP app lists as Skype, Viber, etc, with some extra advantage as others apps don’t: Bolt brings together the free call services with a full phone dialer app, which overrides the stock Android dialer app. By doing this you no need to regularly switch to a specific app to make some internet call. The moment any two users call each other using Bolt, so that call will be switch to a VOIP automatically, using WiFi or mobile data (3G/4G) and not even one minute from your current call plan. Bolt’s Chief executive officer states that the typical Bolt calls uses 60 KB/ per minute, offering people with 35,000 extra minutes talk time with 2 GB data plan. Which is very good deal! If you are using Wi-Fi so it will even cost you nothing at all. Download Bolt for free from Play Store now.

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