Download Google Play Store APK Version 4.4.22

The most recent update, which provides the release number about 4.6.16, is somewhat important, for the reason that it delivers a variety of small improvements. The the latest appearance of 4.6.16 enables people to mass install the apps with My Apps -> All tab, and despite the fact that – since every single app needs to be installed – it will never make the process significantly quicker, it will make things a lot easier for you, since there is little leg work out there. Here download Google Play Store APK version 4.4.22.

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The unveiling of Nexus 5 and the associated release of the Android 4.4 KitKat has added happiness to Android community. The most recent flagship from the Google is a wonderful part of hardware and is without a doubt soaring off the racks more quickly than Google actually expected, but it is KitKat which has been lavished with a lot of attention. As time moves along we’re seeing a lot more information and facts emerge about ins and outs of Android 4.4, but we’re also finding a barrage of Google APKs being offered for download that have already been produced specifically from the KitKat build.

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Download Google Play Store APK Version 4.4.22

The latest release on which we got our hands on is Google Play Store version 4.4.22 APK, which brings with it a bunch of small changes and bug fixes which users have been facing for quite a while.

Version 4.4.21 of the Play Store has been replaced with 4.4.22 with the launch of Android 4.4 KitKat. Granted, it only represents an extremely minor upgrade, but change is change, and it’s always good to see what’s been added/removed from a build. Investigation has shown that the updates are indeed extremely minor but includes an additional set of translations as well as the groundwork for deferring auto-updates from the Play Store which could be beneficial to devices that are already in the process of performing processor intensive tasks. Other than that there doesn’t seem to be much else happening in 4.4.22.

The size of Play Store APK version 4.4.22 just under 6 MB, and is signed digitally by the Google. Anybody serious in carrying out the upgrade can be confident that this app is actually official and safe for installation and will upgrade the current Google Play Store on no matter what device it is actually being set up on. As described before, there are not any apparent changes in this version, but it is always good to see the foundation for what will be arriving in future versions.

 Download Link: Google Play Store APK v4.4.22

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