Download “Heartbleed” Bug Detector For Android

This last Monday when the entire world stumbled on a new critical security flaw in OpenSSL library – a real bug that permitted attackers to use any protected system and gather about 64k of secure information through the server using the somewhat insecure SSL protocol; a bug which was known as Heartbleed. This fix was introduced, and just about the Internet has fixed its servers, but do you realize that mobile gadgets could have been affected, as well? Well, if you have an Android device, then watch here that download “Heartbleed” bug detector for Android device.

Heartbleed bug Android

The popular mobile security enterprise has published a new free app on Google Play Store which will enable the Android users to simply check and confirm if their Android device is susceptible to this exploit. The app, known as Heartbleed Detector, will examine what type of OpenSSL your Android device is currently running, and based upon that information, suggests whether you’ve been influenced or not.

Download “Heartbleed” Bug Detector For Android

The Heartbleed Detector isn’t a better fix for this problem. In reality, in the same way its name suggects, it only can diagnose that the bug is there or not and after that other measures  is on your own. Google is delivering patches for various editions of Android to OEMs, therefore the OTA program update that you would possibly see very soon will actually fix this issue for you. On the other hand, Heartbleed Detector may help you to put your worries at ease by figuring out just how much did you lose. If your own Android device has not got a patch update alert yet, keep checking out, as Google is going after these very aggressively.

Heartbleed Detector

It is also once again recommended that never change all of your passwords at this time – not until eventually you’ve affirmation that the service has been patched its servers. The majority of the big web services already have patched the Heartbleed fix. Furthermore, people of LastPass also are in fortune, considering that the company is getting it upon on its own to inform the users of the compromised passwords, all in very good mindset. Ideally, we will be on this headache very soon, but meanwhile, you must take all the possible measures to assure your device online safety.

(Download: Heartbleed Bug Detector for Android)

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