Download iFile 2.0 – Released For iOS 7 Jailbroken Devices

iFile is one of my preferred apps for the iOS. It is simply the Finder on Apple iOS, and it enables us to look through the complete root directory of our iOS device. iFile is very helpful in all aspects just as the Windows Explorer or Finder is very useful for the desktops. Bu using this we can check file attributes, install the apps, remove files, save pictures to camera roll and a lot more. And you will be glad to know that iFile 2.0 released and now you can download iFile 2.0 for iOS 7 jailbroken devices.


iFile is certainly one of must-have jailbreak apps for almost any jail-broken device. And from now on, it is available having a complete iOS 7 redesign, and it works on iPhone 5s as well as other 64-bit devices at the moment.

ifile 2.0

As iFile contains following features:

  • Installing .deb files that developers send me to test new apps and tweaks
  • Editing text and plist files for changing the way that certain apps work
  • Unzipping compressed files
  • Using it with Safari Download Manager to download files directly from Safari
  • Importing mp3s
  • Uploading and downloading files using the app’s built-in web server
  • Moving files to and from Dropbox and FTP
  • Using Bluetooth connectivity to send files to other devices that are running iFile
  • Copy, pasting, renaming, and moving files

Here is complete change log:

  • Enhanced iFile to be compatible with iOS 7 including new icon, buttons, and iOS 7 look and feel.
  • Fixed crash when used tried to enter a PayPal registration email address (only required for people who did not buy in Cydia Store).
  • iFile could not be terminated on iOS 7 via the App Switcher. This could only be fixed by always exiting it when you background it. However, it will stay active for another 180 seconds after backgrounding. It does not quit if you play music in background.

Here is the video walk-through of iFile 2.0 for iOS 7:

(Source : iPhonehacks)

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