Remove The Slide To Unlock Arrow On The Lock Screen Of iPhone

If you want to remove the small arrow icon (the left of the text on the Lock screen) on your iPhone then here is a jailbreak tweak named NoSTUArrow that enables you to remove that little arrow icon. “STU” stands for slide to unlock, means No Slide To Unlock Arrow.

NoSTUArrow is one of the simplest and coolest jailbreak tweaks and you can get this tweak from the Cydia store but that’s what’s wonderful about jailbreaking; there’s truly something there for everyone. Here is how to use this tweak easily.

After installing NoSTUArrow you’ll not find any settings or options, just install this app and is ready to use. Look at the two screenshots to compare them that what the Lock screen looks like with and without the arrow with tweak installed on iPhone.


So which of the above look you’d like? But I think that the subtle change could work out for the better, depending on the lock screen wallpapers of your iPhone. You can take NoSTUArrow for a test drive and then go to Cydia BigBoss repo and download it free today.

Let us know about your views about NoSTUArrow in the comments area below.

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