Download Top 5 Best Floating Apps For Tablets

There are a lot of apps developed for tablets as floating apps. Floating apps are used same as the windows on your computer desktop that can be used while multitasking with other applications. Our today’s article is about the top 5 best floating apps for tablets.

1. Floating YouTube

Floating YouTube comes on the top due to the big success of YouTube videos as well as many people use to listen to playlists. You can listen music via YouTube. The app provides direct access to playlists. The app also includes a share function. If you switch to fullscreen the video is reloaded, You can adjust the size of the screen though.

Floating YouTube Popup Video   

Download Floating YouTube Popup Video

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2. Popup Calendar

Popup Calendar is on the second in our list. Floating calendar provides a clear overview of every day of the month that enables you to create notes or appointments without sync with other calendars.

Popup Calendar

Download Popup Calendar

3. Floating Audio Player

Floating Audio Player App lets you to play music on your device while doing other things. This app can be installed on a device having Android Ice Cream Sandwich or later running. Floating Audio Player App supports most audio formats and comes with typical music player functions. I hope that you’ll find it very easy to use.

Floating Audio Player

Download Floating Audio Player

4. Floating Toucher

Floating Toucher app varies from creating folders on your home screen to store various data. You can access a round floating button in the form of a widget with 9 various options. You can choose applications as well as various phone functions. This button will maximize functionality while minimizing effort, the ultimate objective of floating applications.

Floating Toucher

Download Floating Toucher

5. LilyPad

Lily Pad app allows you chat with your friends and family while doing other tasks. Other chat services for tablet need a full screen mode, which is why LilyPad becomes a very attractive option. LilyPad app enalbes you chat with Facebook, Windows Messenger or Google Hangouts all in a comfortable floating window.

LilyPad floating popup chat IM

Download LilyPad floating popup chat IM

Do let us know if you are using any other multitasking and floating apps on your Android tablet in the comments below.

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