How To Fix Error “iPhone cannot connect to iTunes”

iTunes is essential program installed by every body who are using the iOS device such iPhone or iPad to transfer data, files, songs , software update or other kind of tasks, but sometimes we face some errors when we connect our iOS device with a computer on which iTunes is already installed. And one of those severe error is the “iPhone cannot connect to iTunes” which is really disturb us when this error pop-up and here’s how to fix error “iPhone cannot connect to iTunes”.

iPhone cannot connect

There are some common causes for this type of error. Usually it might be the cable that creating the problem or drivers are not updated. Here we are with some possible remedies which can really fix this error. Just try these.

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Some common issues which create problems for iPhone connecting to iTunes:

  • The USB port is not working, just change the USB port.
  • Check that the cable is properly plugged into device and the computer.
  • Reboot the device and try connect again.
  • Restart computer as it solve almost every problem.
  • Ensure that the iTunes version is updated.
  • The Operating System should be compatible one as iTunes supports XP with Service Pack 2, Vista, Windows 7 or later and Mac version OSX 10.5.8 or later.
  • Most times the cable you are using is not working just change the cable then check.

How To Fix Error “iPhone cannot connect to iTunes”

Situation 1: iPhone is detected by iTunes, but no sync:

This is due to restrictions settings on iPhone.

Do this:

  • Open device Settings App ->  General
  • Tap on Restrictions –> Disable Restrictions

 Situation 2: iPhone is not detected:

Do this:

Open the path: /var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control on your system and delete the file folders under this path and simply restart the iTunes application.

Situation 3: iPhone is not detected by your computer, whereas when you connect your iPhone to another computers they detect your iPhone.

Do this:

Uninstall all application on your system which are related to Apple such as iTunes, Apple Application Support, QuickTime, Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support and Bonjour and just install the iTunes again.

Situation 4: On Windows 7 the iTunes can’t detect iPhone.

Do this:

  • Search the file called USBAAPL.SYS  in C:\Windows
  • Just Right-click on this file and click on “Open File Location“, and copy all files to a new folder
  • Open the Device Manager, locate the Apple iPhone under the Portable devices, and then right-click on it and from properties click on Update Driver Software
  • then open the path: C:\Program Files\Common Files\AppleMobile DeviceSupportDrivers to ensure that the software is updated
  • Restart your computer and connect your device via USB cable again, then open iTunes to check that your device is now detected or not.

Hopefully these remedies should solve this “iPhone cannot connect to iTunes” problem if your carefully check all the options.

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