How To Get Free Wifi Tethering On iOS 7

Sick and tired of spending AT&T, Spint, Verizon or any other service carriers additional charges to use your cellular data to be a wifi hotspot? Me as well. Thanks a lot to a useful jail-break Cydia tweak known as TetherMe, you will just spend $5 once (think about it small cost compared to the cellular data monthly charges) and then install the app to make it possible for you to simply tether to your own device free of charge (even it has a couple of nice options for the VPN users). Here is how to install this  and how to get free WiFi Tethering On iOS 7.

Wifi Tethering

All you need for free Wifi tethering

To try to do this process you need a jailbroken device. If you are not, you can go to our own Jail-break catagory and go with the specific jailbreak for your own iOS version (we already have iOS 7.0.4). The moment you have done it and Cydia installed, come back here and follow these steps.

How To Get Free Wifi Tethering On iOS 7

Installing TetherMe

  • Launch the Cydia
  • Tap on Search in bottom-right corner
  • Simply type here “TetherMe”
  • Select the TetherMe when it seems in search list
  • Tap on Purchase (in top-right) and then follow the prompt to login and buy it by your desired payment method
  • Tap the Close button when you have paid for
  • Finally hit the Install button
  • And select Restart.

How to use TetherMe

  •  Go-to the Settings app
  • Tap the TetherMe
  • Then tap Personal Hotspot
  • Turn-on the Personal Hotspot
  • You can even change different options such as hotspot password, where it receives its required data from and so on.

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