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Those people who have iPads in their hand know that from time to time it is actually slightly difficult to take a real multitask experience on their iPad. Because iPad is designed for convenience and performing quick jobs. But if you’re among those people who wish a real desktop experience on their own iPad then here is a little Cydia tweak for all those people. Just check it out here with the name of OS Experience for iPad.

os experience tweak

This little jailbreak tweak known as OS Experience allows you to take a real multitask experience on your little iPad in an entire different manner as you would normally expect from a real OS. Those people who’ve already use OS X before will really like things like that.

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How To Get Real Desktop Experience On iPad

OS Experience tweak as the name implies, provides a real desktop like experience to any iPad user who installed this. It is possible to open several apps within the same window and work with them. By just swiping the four fingers in upward direction, and a little app switcher, the same as you normally use on your OS X.

People who are really interested in this little tweak for a real desktop experience on their iPad must download the OS Experience jailbreak tweak. It costs just $9.99 and already available on Big Boss repo.

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