Google Maps Alternatives for iPhone5/iOS6

With the Apple iOS removing the Google maps from their system, people are switching for other options for a better navigation application. There are several options available which are better and free.

Google Maps

Though Apple has forcibly removed Google Maps from their IOS, you can still have some of the features of Google maps by accessing the maps on their website. Visit Google maps and you can bookmark the page for the ease of accessibility. The Google Maps are far better than the Apple’s one .The map features are better based which provides faster and smoother images. Also the maps are featured with voice navigation, bike routes and reviews from Zagat. In case of poor network you can view cached maps in your history. The additional advantages are the options for satellite and street view. The only disadvantage is that the iPad version has still not been released.


Bing is a general app for search engines than for maps. But it also has a map feature for navigations. It has an extensive POI database which delivers, driving directions, transit directions and walking directions. It’s similar to the old version of Google maps without the voice recognition facility. The advantages are the free powerful Barcode search along with up to date traffic conditions, Facebook integration and movie show times. The application also provides the much needed turn by turn direction.

Garmin USA

Garmin is famous and is in the market for a long time. The application provided turn by turn guidance similar to Bing, shows you speed limits unlike the above two and also you can plan your entire trip with the application. Guidance for public transports, walking 3D navigations are also provided. Though the features are a bit better than the above, it may require a subscription to avail all the features. The weather forecast is also available with the Maps. The app is user-friendly and attractive. The application also has an extensive POI database.


This application can be easily downloaded from the internet. The application provides, traffic reports, turn by turn guidance, gas prices, speed cameras and more. This is yet another application which is gaining its popularity and the best part is that it’s absolutely free. The application allows voice navigation. Though it may be not as good as the Google maps but still it’s nearly there. Information’s from the users are accepted and this improves the service.

Nokia Maps

This recent application from Nokia is also a better option to the Apple IOS maps. It has some standard and basic features which are accurate and easy to handle. The application is fairly new as compared to the other applications and has some glitches like blurry images and the locations are not that accurate as the Google maps but still better than Apple’s application.


The above mentioned maps are far better than the Map application which is provided by the Apple IOS. If you want a simpler and accurate application for maps, try the Google maps which is free, accurate and for the first time allows voice recognition in Apple IOS. Also the Garmin Maps are good but you will have to buy the facilities. Bing and Waze are another popular and upcoming application which is making it big.

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