Guide To Uninstall Multiple Jailbreak Tweaks On iPhone

These days everybody having new device are very keen to install new apps on their iOS devices and if the device is jailbroken, then installing jailbreak tweaks become a hobby for the device owner, but after sometime these apps and tweaks are piled up as time passes. After some times these unused which may have some negative effect on device performance and even it slows down. As to remove one or two tweak is very easy, but how to remove Cydia tweaks in bulk and we got here some little guide to uninstall multiple jailbreak tweaks on iPhone, check it below.

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Luckily, there is surmount which allows us to uninstall multiple jailbreak tweaks with single tap. This requires queuing all such tweaks together and carrying out a batch uninstall. To figure out how to do it, just follow these steps given below.

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Steps To Uninstall Multiple Jailbreak Tweaks

  • Launch Cydia on you device
  • Select  “Installed” tab and simple hit any tweak  which you want to uninstall


  • Hit “Modify” button situated at top and then tap the “Remove” button
  • Now, rather than hitting “Confirm” button, just tap the option called “Continue Queuing” . All the selected tweaks will be placed in queue

Cydia Queuing

  • Repeat all the above steps, right until you have put all the unused tweaks  to the queue
  • To uninstall all the queued tweaks at once, just go-to “Installed” tab once again and then hit “Queue” button

Cydia tweaks Queue


  • You will find a list of tweaks which have been added to the queue. Just tap the “Confirm” button now to remove all these tweaks in a row

Cydia tweaks Queue

As soon as the selected tweaks have been deleted, your device will respring to apply the changes.

Another good thing that to install multiple tweaks at once just follow the same rule select tweaks to install and add to queue and finally install all the queued tweaks with single tap, which is quite useful for new jailbreakers.

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