Hide Android Root Access From Apps: Here’s How

Rooting is required to fully utilize any Android device as it provides an open access of device so that we can install and test some new apps and tweaks on our device, but there are some Android apps which denies to run when installed on rooted Android device. So don’t worry we got a little tweak here for you to hide Android root access from apps which do not likeĀ  root level access.

Hide My Root App

Some people take a very extreme step as they perform a unroot process on their device, but we think you should wait because no need to do this. As when you revert the root process on you device it means you will not be able to execute all the other apps which required the root access to run. So the question is how we can deceive an app that our rooted device is not rooted; this is why the Hide My Root app comes into play.

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Hide Android Root Access From Apps: Here’s How

In fact what Hide My Root actually works. As the names suggests it simply deceive the apps that the device is not rooted. You need just to download a free copy of Hide My Root app from Google Play store and enjoy the fun.

It is very easy to use this app. Any app which detect your device as rooted one and deny to run. Just launch Hide My Root and tap the option called “Hide su binary” which is actually denoting device rooting to confuse the apps which refuse to run on rooted device.

Hide My Root App

In some cases you have to use the option “Uninstall su app“. Hide My Root is very handy app when you borrow your device to your friend by applying a password on root access so that nobody can use root access. This app is available for free on Play store.

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