How to Adjust Privacy Settings on iPhone and iPad Facebook App

When it comes to Social Networking and especially Facebook, Your privacy is important. Personal privacy is now mostly concerned for everyone on the web and privacy has been the serious issue over the world wide web. Facebook has added a number of  privacy settings to their official App for iPhone and iPad, through which you can easily setup your privacy settings, like to whom you want to share your personal stories, Like Friends of Friends and so on.

Instructions to Setup Privacy Settings for Facebook App on iPhone and iPad

1. To get started, First Launch Facebook App from the Home Screen of your iPhone or iPad.

2. Once the Facebook App is completely loads, Now Tap the Menu Tab on the upper left corner.

3. From there tap on the Privacy Settings Tab.

4. Now go to “Who Can See My Stuff?” Here you will find everything related to your public privacy. Like who can see your Posts, your Contact Info, Photos, Timeline data and so on. You can adjust your Privacy settings in this tab.

A Visual Guide to Facebook Privacy Settings

Adjust Facebook Privacy Settings on iPad and iPhone App

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