How To Broadcast Message On iPhone

WhatsApp is definitely one of the best communication medium on mobile devices recently as there are billion messages actually sent and received daily via WhatsApp services. WhatsApp deliver you anything no matter if it is group chat or voice message or upcoming VOIP call with great ease. The iPhone user is definitely need for group chat or broadcast messaging and here the WhatsApp play its role and down below you can find the steps that how to broadcast message on iPhone using WhatsApp, check out more details.


WhatsApp makes it possible for users to send messages directly to people simultaneously by using its useful feature named Broadcast Lists. And if you have the same requirement then here is a short guide that how to use WhatsApp Broadcast Lists to send broadcast message on iPhone.

How To Broadcast Message On iPhone

Make New Broadcast List

  • Launch WhatsApp from your iPhone home screen
  • Tap on Chats — > Broadcast Lists — > New List
  • Then add your required contact names in this new list and hit Create button.

That is so simple and you are ready to send a broadcast message to many people at  no instance.

Steps To Broadcast Message On iPhone

  • From Whatsapp Chat select the Broadcast List from available Broadcast Lists
  • Type your message which you want to broadcast
  • And then hit the Send button.

Although people will argue by using group chat that can send a message to many people simultaneously,  so why we use the Broadcast Lists?  the answer is so simple that using Broadcast Lists, the message is actually delivered to people directly and in response when they answer back, the message will send to you personally as opposed to group chat.

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