How To Check Activation Lock Status Before Buying Used iPhone

Anybody who is planning to buy an used iPhone, so there is a very crucial thing you need to check after taking the used iPhone before purchasing it, and that is just check the Activation lock status. This is one of those feature which is used with Find My iPhone app. This special security feature stops anybody to activate your device without having the Apple ID and password which is associated with that iOS device, and here is some info how to check Activation Lock status before buying used iPhone.

Activation Lock Screen

We want to show you something which is really needed when purchasing a used iPhone, as majority of thieves who are failed to activate stolen device simply offer that such device for sale, and people who don’t know that the device is locked or not before purchasing such devices.

So at the moment Let me show you a very simple tips to check the device activation lock just before buying any used device.

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How To Check Activation Lock Status

A warning message will pop-up automatically on device which is stolen or lost, if you see such warning message, but still wait maybe the seller put the device in such state. Just verify this with following steps.

  • If device is locked with pass-code or pattern lock ask the seller that provide the pass-code and move forward to next step.
  • Ask the seller to reset the device by going into “Settings –> General –>Reset –> Erase all content and data.”, this may take some time so don’t panic. And if the seller refuse to reset the device in front of you they just walk away and don’t buy that device.
  • After  erasing process, you will see screen where you have to select the language, country, and a Wi-Fi network. You’ll be prompt to enter Apple ID & password. This shows that the device is safe to purchase.


  • On the other hand if the message popup which showing the previous seller  Apple’s ID and password to enter means something wrong with that device maybe stolen or lost. Just request the seller to provide the Apple ID & PW. If he is don’t know, then just leave that shop.

Keep in mind that the actual owner or seller should never have any issue to carry out above mentioned steps to unlock the device. If the seller appearance or acts dubious then just make an excuse to buy the device which is he is offering.

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