How To Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy S5 (Wipe All Data)

Factory reset setting is always used on Android devices if we want to sell or due to slow performance and bugs in an Android device. Many issues can be resolved with factory reset easily just in few minutes.

Today I’ll let you know that how to make factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S5 without any third-party app. You can reset your device to factory setting itself and it doesn’t need any other tools.


Before Getting Started:-

This is a very simple process but before getting started the process on your Samsung Galaxy S5, you’ll need to secure your data first by taking backup and your device should be charged enough 70% to 80%, because if your phone died in the middle of process then it can damage your phone permanently.

Disclaimer: Read carefully the given steps below. GadgetsGeeks will not be responsible if anything went wrong and you brick the device. Please do it on your own risk. Factory reset your device will wipe all the existing data.

Note:- Please remove the microSD memory card from the device first.

How to Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Follow the steps below:

Step No 1:- Swipe down from the top of the screen

Step No 2:- Tap the gear icon in the top-right

Step No 3:- Now swipe down to the User and Backup section

Step No 4:- Tap Backup and reset

Step No 5:- The last option on this screen is Factory data reset. Here you’ll see warning screen. Review all of your data that will be deleted, now tap Reset device after scroll down to the bottom.

Please let us know in the comments area below if you have issues about this above given process.


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