How To Fix iOS 7 Notification Center Issue

The Notification Center is actually that part of an iOS devices which you could check by the people several times each day; it’s possible because you could have missed some thing, or you need to get updated on what exactly is going on. But many people today aren’t able to view these notifications in the Notification Center. Ok if you’re struggling with this issue we’ve the solution for you.  Here’s how to fix iOS 7 Notification Center issue for all iOS devices.


If you’re also experiencing a difficulty on iOS 7 device on the Notification Center, it is most likely that you aren’t able to find out your “Today” Notification list. Many users are experiencing this issue after jail-breaking their iOS devices.

The Notification Center issue isn’t something just related to the Cydia tweak, this problem happens simply because of the jail-breaking itself. Despite that it may not be the main issue but for some users it will.

Follow The Steps To Fix iOS 7 Notification Center Issue

If you’re among those people who’re struggling with the Notification Center problem we’ve got the remedy. Have a look at this simple steps below on fixing this Notification Center problem.

  • Go to Cydia and then download iFile
  • Open the iFile and go to the /var/mobile/Library/BulletinBoard


  • Remove the file known as “sectionInfo.plist”

Note: It will always be great to hold a backup. So just before removing the file rename the file name to something you want. Any name will work as it will not impact the way it works.

  • Respiring you device
  • Now go to the Settings -> Notification Center -> and toggle here “Today View”.

This will surly fix the Notification Center issue on iOS 7.

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