How To Share Keynote, Pages or Numbers File On iCloud

iCloud is a high-tech and intuitive online service sailed by Apple where you can share your own efforts in the shape of keynote, pages or numbers. The most effective part of the iCloud is undeniable fact that you simply share iWork documents even though the other individual with whom you’re sharing does not have an Mac or iOS device. However that person will be able to see or maybe work together with you on things that you’ve shared by a browser. In this little article we are explaining you that how to share keynote, pages or numbers file on iCloud.


This is very easy to use and excellent facility provided by the Apple which makes it possible for the users owning iPhone/iPad to just share their Keynote, Pages or Numbers with others. This contributes to the magnificent experience of outstanding design and a navigation experience which is associated with Apple.

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How To Share Keynote, Pages or Numbers File On iCloud

  • Open the particular Keynote, Page or Numbers file on your own iPhone or iPad
  • Tap on share button (upper-right hand side)


  • Select share link option through iCloud from drop-down menu



  • Select a particular sharing method which you feel comfortable
  • iWork will place automatically an iCloud sharing link to suit your needs
  • Now you’re ready to type any text message that you would like to include with shared Page, Keynote as well as Numbers with people.

This innovative but user-friendly technique allows you to use your iPhone or iPad effectively and from now on you can use your iWork package efficiently and perhaps gain some freedom from all the pervasive. The beauty can be found that you may use the iCloud service to simply share the documents with anybody and even synchronize the files easily. A helpful suggestion for the user of iCloud is to make the most of the services just like Dropbox or Google Drive to save something on your own iCloud storage space. This suggestion becomes useful to go by because your 5 GB storage space quota on iCloud may get depleted easily.

Now you’re ready to share as well as collaborate your Pages, Keynotes and Numbers with other users via iCloud services.

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