How To Transfer Nexus Files To PC Or Mac Via USB

Probably you have a very great desire sometime, that you need to transfer anything from Nexus device to your own PC or Mac, but it absolutely was just slightly large or you did not have time to move these on the cloud storage. The good news is, that the Nexus devices can communicate easily with your computer or Mac and here we’ll demonstrate that how to transfer Nexus files to PC or Mac via USB.

nexus file transfer PC

So, it does not really make a difference if you’ve a Mac or PC for the reason that both of them are work with the Nexus devices. Furthermore, the Mac version needs a bit extra to get things going, but it is not so hard that will befuddle you.

First of all, no matter if you’re going to transfer files through PC or Mac, just go-to “Settings -> Device -> Storage -> Menu -> USB computer” connection and here make sure that MTP switch is enabled.

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How To Transfer Nexus Files To PC

The amazing point about this segment is usually that there is not hard work you will need. Simply connect your Nexus device to a PC with all your microSD or USB cable and you will find your device seem just as external drive.

Nexus To PC

After that, all you’ve to try and do is just transfer all your required files from Nexus to the PC. Once you have completed, simply eject your device from the Windows and then remove USB cable.

How To Transfer Nexus Files To Mac

For Mac OS, you will need a little Google transfer client to actually make a connection in fact. Just visit this link and just download it on your Mac.

The moment the download is finished, open the Android File Transfer client and connect the Nexus device to Mac system using the microSD/USB cable. The Android transfer client will actually find the Nexus device and show it like a folders list.


Same as with a PC, you can now transfer over any files you need to. Just drag and drop them into the location that you want, such as moving music over to your sound folder.  When done, just unplug your Nexus from the Mac and move on with your day. If you misplace a file now, you can always fix the mistake the next time you connect your device or use a File Manager app on your Nexus to move it yourself on your device.

Just we mention earlier that it is so easy to transfer Nexus files to PC or Mac via USB but a little efforts are required.

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