How To Use A Glitchy Effect To Change iPhone Boot Logo

Having the ability to change iPhone boot logo is definitely one thing that all the jailbreakers are wish to try to do.  There was actually a redditor who asked for a boot logo with glitch effect for his iOS device and the other redditor named “imeyeless” came up and introduced the idea that how to change iPhone boot logo with glitchy effect.

iphone boot logo

The fact is that, this is not just a so easy to download and install, you’ll have to do a little work for this, but not too much. This time there is no iPad boot logo tweak, but the imeyeless claimed that he’ll design such logos.  We’ll update the same if he show something. If you have an iPhone 5s then you’ll have independent instructions for installation, make sure you follow these instructions cautiously. There are actually their unique tweaks, you have to download for all iOS devices, after you have successfully downloaded all these, then just follow the steps based on your device:

How To Change iPhone Boot Logo With Glitchy Effect

  • iFile
  • Animate
  • Animate fix for iOS 7.x.x

For iPhone 4,4s, 5 and iPod Touch

Once you’ve all these, just respring your device and you’ll be able to view the new panel for settings in the Settings -> Bootlogo.  Next, you will have to download the specific files to change the iPhone boot logo. Just pick the link for your iOS device/color:

iPhone 4,4s Black:

iPhone 5,5s Black:

iPhone 5,5s White:

iPhone 4,4s White:

Once you have downloaded the file using safari you’ll be asked with a button “Open in iFile” in top-right corner, just tap it.

  • Once it opens in iFile you should get a menu, tap on “Unarchiver
  • When it’s done, tap “Done” then tap “Edit” and select the folder you unarchived. e.g. “Glitchy5sBlack
  • Tap the clipboard in the bottom right hand corner, and copy the link
  • Now navigate to /Library/BootLogos
  • Tap on “Edit” and tap the clipboard again and “Paste” it in the folder.
  • Close iFile

Now just go into and here tap the “BootLogo“, choose the new theme under the “Extras“.  And just respring the device and you will be found a new  Apple boot logo with glitchy effect.

For iPhone 5s

Note: As you are not able to modify s boot logo in settings of your iPhone. If you installed this on iPhone 5s you’ll require to adhere with following instructions given by a reddit post to have some result on iPhone 5s. Also, remember if this is performed wrongly, you will find yourself in trouble, so remember to take backup of your iOS device first. If you trapped, here is how to resolve it.

  1. Start by downloading a boot logo from Cydia.
  2. Navigate to /Library/BootLogos and create a new file called “org.chronic-dev.animate”
  3. You will see a folder with the name of the boot logo you downloaded. Open the file you created in Text Editor, and paste the folder name.
  4. Save the file
  5. rename the file to add a .plist extention (“org.chronic-dev.animate.plist“) [iFile seems to give errors when you attempt to open the file while it has “.plist” in its name. This is why you need to add the extention when you’re done editing. Failure to do this can cause a boot loop.]
  6. reboot your device. Enjoy

Enjoy the new iPhone Boot Logo With Glitchy Effect.

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