Install iOS 7 On iPhone 3GS and iPad 1st Generation [How To Guide]

People having the old iPhone models are now get the new touch of Apple OS on their old devices as well, yes here’s a short guide to install iOS 7 on iPhone 3GS by using Whited00r 7 tool introduced a short while ago. The overall steps isn’t so difficult, so anybody using the older iOS  devices can now use the features of latest iOS firmware without the need of purchasing a new iPhone model.

This little program is supports the iPhone 2G and 3G as well as the 1st generation iPods touch. The Whited00r is actually a great tool which facilitates ARMv6 variants of OS just like it was with the iOS 6 on iPhone 2G / 3G. Your iOS device will never be bogged down after using this tool to get install iOS 7 on iPhone 3GS or any other compatible iOS device model as mentioned above.

ios 7 on iphone 3gs

Do not think that you will get all the iOS 7 features by this. But some of iOS 7 features will be found on your old iPhone. The Developer of Whited00r  assures that all of the images and icons will give you the real feeling of iOS 7. Whited00r7 provides a much better camera app, iOS control center and better multitasking and so on. Here’s how to “install iOS 7 on iPhone 3GS” applying Whited00r jailbreak tool.

Whited00r 7 (2)

Steps To Install iOS 7 On iPhone 3GS

Step 1. First of all take a Backup of your iPhone 3GS/2g don’t forget that you’re installing this tool on your own. Think two times just before you continue.

Step 2. Download the Whited00r7 for Mac or Windows suitable for your own iPhone or iPod touch model. You may get this tool from here.

Step 3. You’ll have the zipped archive along with this program and all of the necessary tools for installation. So Unzip that downloaded folder.

Step 4. Start the Redsn0w program. You will need to select the “Extra” option and then choose the “Pwned DFU” button there. The program will present you the whole instructions so, just follow that and hang on untill your device is placed into “Pwned DFU” mode [you’ll find a black screen on this stage].

Step 5. It is the time to install the Whited00r7 using iTunes. To try and do this, you need to hold SHIFT (on Windows) and also point to the Whited00r .ipsw file found on your PC.

Step 6. Finish off this installation process and then reboot your iPhone 3GS.


If you need to check the Push Notifications so just download the iPusher app from App Store and simply run that. There is no other issues after using the Whited00r to get “install iOS 7 on iPhone 3GS“.

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  1. i have download whiterd00r for my iphone 3gs but when i click on restore iphone in itunes it says @ firmwere not compaitble on this device @ what i do sir

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