iOS 8 Vs Android L Aspect & Features Comparison

iOS 8 and Android L the two major operating systems released recently. Apple is near to launch iOS 8 public version in next week for its new flagship devices iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus while Google introduced Android L with some wonderful changes to the overall Android environment – Google is calling this a major revamp. Down here we can check the iOS 8 vs Android L some aspect and features comparison.

iOS 8 vs Android L

Apple’s iPhone 6 launch marked the arrival of iOS 8, the latest version of its smartphone and tablet operating system. Android L shouldn’t be too far behind, and although both these OS have some major disparities and common features. Check out some of these.

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iOS 8 Vs Android L Aspect & Features Comparison


Apple really astonished its users, as compared to iOS 7 which adopted the skeuomorphic design – considerably more bolder, colorful and flatter. As  iOS 8 have some more refinement by introducing some new features such as 3rd party keyboard,  auto-suggested words, file sharing like Google Drive and lots more, check the complete iOS features.

Android L is to some extent flat too, but the overall KitKat flat design is replaced with new Material Design. Much like iOS it is very vibrant and colorful, but more attractive than iOS UI.


The iOS 8 is actually 64-bit mobile OS designed for A8 chip 64-bit processor , which give some upper hand to Apple new devices to its rivals powerful Android devices.

Android L is also supports 64-bit processors while giving a new run-time ART, which utilizes the “ahead of time” compilation in lieu of “just in time” to enhance the app overall performance.


Android beats iOS here as Apple still to provides stock apps removal, and having some limitation in term of customization.

Battery life:

Android L provide 1/3 extended battery time than KitKat as based on battery saving technology of Project Volta, and having a less demanding run-time. While iOS 8 is much better than previous versions in term of battery life.


Metal a new API for games developers provide by the Apple, the Android Extension Pack and OpenGL ES 3.1 provided by the Android L to its games developers.


Apple new updates will be available to all iOS users immediately, which is a real jealousy for Android users as they patiently waited for their manufacturers to provides the updates for their devices. But with Google Play Services now providing the new updates after every six weeks to pleased their users too.

App Store:

Both stores are giving plenty of apps paid and free but Google Play Store have some little edge over the Apple App Store with lot of new apps arriving with passage of time.


We can not give the clear sense until we install and use these operating systems, but some of the differences that we highlighted is very clear. As Android provide some real customization but not provide the tight integration of software/hardware  like iOS has. Android uses a wide range of hardware and devices while iOS have some restricted devices.

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