iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus Reboot Issue: Here’s How To Fix

iOS users normally faced different serious issues from time to time even with new Apple device such as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus people still getting some unpleasant situation, and one of such issues is that iPhone reboot automatically for some unknown reason. Unfortunately, sometimes the latest Apple devices are also carrying the same problem. So if you are also facing the iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus reboot issue then here’s how to fix this annoying issue by applying couple of remedies.

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People who have hardware related issue should either replace their device from local repair shop or maybe get a replacement device from Apple itself; but some people even facing this issue whereas there is no problem with their hardware, such users can apply some fixes given below to get rid of this problem.

iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus Reboot Issue: Here’s How To Fix

If you iPhone is also reboot automatically now and then, just try following methods to solve it:

1: Remove some unused apps

The app which is installed on your device and not used anymore, then it is good to remove such app from your device. Because uninstalling the unused apps from your iPhone will not only get some extra bit of free space but also make device faster likewise. Some device reboot randomly due to lots of installed apps.

2: Clear website data and history

It is not the actual reason but sometimes it is quite helpful. Just open  Settings –>  Safari –> Clear History and Website Data –>  and hit the Clear button to confirm.

3: Uninstall some unresponsive jailbreak tweaks

Having a jailbroken new iPhone everybody is excited to install a plethora of tweaks. Unfortunately, some tweaks are the root cause for device rebooting arbitrarily. So you just need to uninstall those tweaks  which are rarely used.

4: Reset Your Device Setting

Reset your device is a very simple method which reset your device to its factory settings, but there is little trouble using this approach; as it’ll erase all your device settings and data; so before applying this method make sure that you have a device backup. To apply this method just Open device Setting app and navigate to General -> Reset and just tap the “All Content and Settings” to refresh everything.

5: Get The Latest iOS Firmware

Occasionally this problem occurs as device firmware is not updated, to apply a firmware update just navigate to “settings -> General -> Software update” and get the latest firmware which is iOS 8.2 .

6: Restore Via iTunes

This is the final option in case the above methods fails to solve the problem. You should apply a complete restore using iTunes which will reset your device to factory setting and all your device data and settings will be erased. To do this just connect your device with your computer and launch iTunes and click on your device and hit the Restore button which will restore your device just hang on until the process is completed. You can check our guide Easy Way To Restore Jailbroken iPhone To Factory Settings.

We hope that one of these method will fix your iPhone 6 reboot problem if you apply these method properly. But after complete restore the problem is still there, then we believe that there is something wrong with your device hardware or defective battery. Just go to Apple service center if your device is under warranty get a replacement.

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