iPhone Phone App With Red Blank Dot : Here’s Fix

Sometimes you may find a strange red blank dot on Phone app icon located on your iPhone dock. Usually this tiny red blank dot indicates that you have voice mail, but your iPhone fail to receive it,  and  normally it happens in following situations : when somebody reset or restore their iPhone, or when somebody insert a new SIM with new service or phone number in iPhone, or when the voicemail password has been changed. In such situation you will find a blank red dot on iPhone phone app and here’s the fix for this check out the details.

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And this shows that you need to login with your voicemail, and the answer is very simple that just log-in with correct voice-mail username/password. Sometimes this happen due to network problem as well. To fix this issue just open the Voice-mail login dialog box and make sure that you have enter the correct password from your voicemail account.

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iPhone Phone App With Red Blank Dot : Here’s Fix

Just follow these simple steps to get rid of this blank red dot from your iPhone phone app icon:

  • Open Settings app and then open Phone option
  • Simply scroll down and hit the option “Change Voicemail Password“, which will open up the voicemail login  dialog box where you need to enter correct password for your voicemail account
  • After logged-in with your voicemail account you will see that the red blank dot will be converted into a normal notification icon having number inside which indicate number of unread voicemails on your iPhone.


The blanks dot will now vanish and your phone voicemail icon will work normally, and if the icon still showing blank then there is some network problem. Sometimes you will see an error that “Visual Voicemail unavailable error“, in such case just reset the your iPhone Network Settings and after reboot the said issue will definitely be settled down.

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  1. I have an iphone 5s with the newest update: 9.1os. Every morning when I turn on my phone, the red dot re-appears on my phone icon. I have no voicemail password, and I have reset the network connections 3 times already. The dot is like the plague ….it keeps coming back.

  2. Thanks Tonya, I actually figured that out the same day I posted that complaint. The cellular data being turned on, eliminates the red dot. I should have come back here and answered my own question that day, but got side tracked. 🙂

  3. I finally am rid of the red dot on my voicemail icon. All I had to do was require a password to be used to access my voicemail account. As soon as I did this the red dot went away. Finally the frustration is gone. Some needs to fix this by noting when you see a red dot on your voicemail icon, you need to activate you voicemail password security. Simple fix. Even my carrier had no idea why this was happening and how to fix it.

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