Moto X Leaked Camera App Is Now Available For Download

As you know recently Motorola was owned by Google, at that time, i told you, it will come up with new innovative smartphones. That is what happened, you probably would have heard about the new Moto X smart phone. In the recent days there were also some teasing images released in Black and White variants. Without any doubts, Moto X is gonna make prove its worth in the coming days, when it will be officially released by Google.

Thanks to some Android sources, they have extracted the Leaked Camera App from Moto X, which is something unique and special, with different innovative design and features to use on your Mobile Camera App for Android.

Leaked Moto X Camera App UI

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Moto X Leaked Camera App Is Now Available For Download

As you can see in the above image, the Moto X camera has a unique user-interface and design, But let me tell you one thing, If you have already used the Google Edition Camera App for Galaxy S4 or HTC One, it almost have the same features as the sources confirmed. Believe me, the unique UI, definitely would be catching your attention as it happened with me, when for the first time, i glance on the photos of it, which appealing to be loved and adopted on your Android.

As it is leaked version as i have told you earlier, therefore, some of its features may not work on your device, but still a lot features you can get hold of and enjoy on your Android device. I have pointed out, some of its features which will work now for your device:

  • The camera runs fine.
  • Single shots.
  • Burst shots.
  • Video recording.
  • Front-facing camera toggle.
  • Swipe to open settings.
  • Swipe to open gallery, which asks which gallery app you want to launch.
  • Touch to focus toggle.
  • Flash mode toggle.
  • Shutter sound toggle.
  • Geo-tag toggle.

The following features may not work on your device as expected:

  • HDR mode is disabled and cannot be enabled.
  • Slow-motion mode is disabled and cannot be enabled.
  • Double-flick wrist gesture to launch the camera anytime.

I know, you will be very curious and interested to get the Moto X Leaked Camera App APK for your device. As expected it will work on Android Jellybean and Ice Cream Sandwich. Additionally, it has been tested with Nexus 4, Note II and the results were successful.
I have given the download link below, if you are interested and willing to try on your device.

Note that, the App will not

Download Moto X Leaked Camera App [Download Link]

Moto X Camera App: Geo Tag Feature

Hope so find it useful for your device. Let us know about your experience with the latest Moto X Camera App.

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