Prevent iOS from Sending iMessage as SMS on iOS Devices

iMessage is on of the most well-known messaging service and of course it lets its users (Mac & iOS) to share photos, chat and videos with their family members and friends  As you know that this service is limited to Apple devices only, and iPhone and iPad users are depending on this service to connect with their friends. iMessage is not only extremely handy to use but also allows customers to immediately switch to SMS when iMessage is down or there is no online connection available.



However delivering iMessage as SMS is not always the suitable option for customers. If you do not want to instantly change to SMS when iMessage is not available then you can basically avoid iOS from doing so by flipping a simple switch. Today in this article we’ll let you know that how to stop iOS from sending iMessage as SMS when iMessage is not available.


Step No 1:- First of all open Settings app and scroll down to ‘Messages’ option. Now Tap on Settings app.


Step No 2:- Turn this toggle off, when you “Send as SMS’ on the next page.


Step No 3:- This toggle can be turned on to make Messages app send iMessages as SMS when the service is unavailable.


Try it if you want to stop iMessage from sending messages and let us know in the comments area below.

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