Quick Fix For iOS 7.0.6 Battery Drain Issue

If you are suffering from the iPhone poor battery life just after upgrading to latest iOS firmware 7.0.6 (and the iOS device becomes warm abnormally) then you’ll be very glad to find out a real remedy has been discovered which already helped a lot of people who have very disturb with their device’s battery with low battery now and then. Here’s a quick fix for iOS 7.0.6 battery drain issue.

This quick remedy is the courtesy of the OS X Daily who have shared many experiences of different people who in fact observe their battery life become down.

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Quick Fix For iOS 7.0.6 Battery Drain Issue

The very first thing you’ll actually need to do is very simply trick that is kill all the background running apps of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Bear in mind that you may close three apps at one time using several fingers.

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The very next step you have to take is just hard reset your iOS device by pressing both the Power Button and Home Button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo.

Fix iOS 7.0.6 Battery Drain Issue

After doing the above steps many people have revealed on different forums that their device battery life has made a comeback. If still you’re experiencing difficulties you can check out our Tips To Improve Battery Life Of iOS Devices Running iOS 7.

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