How To Remove Unflod Malware From Jaibroken iOS Devices

There is without a doubt, when  we jailbreak our iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, we’re seriously open up our device to any vulnerable hacks and malware. Security specialist Stefan Esser a.k.a i0n1c has revealed a severe security problem for all jailbreakers. A new malware known as “Unflod Child Panda” has been found on few jaibroken iOS gadgets which is hibernates inside the main folders of iOS devices and providing the Apple ID along with password to the servers in China. Here is how to remove unflod malware from jaibroken iOS devices.


This malware seems to have Chinese starting point and can come like a library known as Unflod.dylib which actually hooks in all the running apps of that jailbroken iOS device and concentrates on all the outgoing SSL links and connections. From these connections it attempts to grab the device own Apple ID and password and then delivers that in form of plain text to China bases servers.

you may check the site for this Unflod.dylib malware as outlined by the Saurik on the Reddit:

unfold ios malware

How To Remove Unflod Malware From Jaibroken iOS Devices

To do this, basically start your preferred file browsing iOS app (we suggest iFile here), and go through “/Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries”. If you find to this malware file by name of Unflod.dylib, then you’re most probably contaminated.

If you find this Unflod Baby panda file in previously described place, then make sure to remove it, as well as, remove any jailbreak app, tweak or repository that you have from uncertain sources.

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Modifying your device Apple ID & password will also be an excellent idea, but for best measure, all those people who find this Unflod.dylib malware file on their jailbroken device are motivated to carry out a complete device restore. This tends to give up the jailbreak, obviously, but if the security have some value for your then you have to do this to make sure that your delicate information does not get into wrong hands.

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