How To Replace iPhone 5 Battery With Walk-through Video

If your own iPhone 5′s battery having issue no longer holding the charge, so replacing the iPhone’s battery could possibly be a excellent solution. Many thanks to lots of sellers on the Amazon, we may even get the battery replacement for very low price than we think. Right after we get a new battery, just, follow these below steps that how to replace iPhone 5 battery with walk-through video.

Before we get started:

  • This can void the iPhone warranty.
  • You need to purchase a alternative battery from Amazon or any equivalent site just before starting this process. Below is the link from where you can purchase it:

iPhone 5 Replacement Battery

Remove the currently installed battery:

  • Take out the two screws of device can be found at the bottom.
  • Utilizing the suction cup put at the bottom of the device screen and near to home button but not on it, pull the device front panel through the frame but hold down this frame with a plastic separator tool.
  • Pull the front screen around angel of 90 degree rather than separate the screen entirely.
  • Unscrew those two screws on the right side of battery inside the metal plate which is on the top side of battery connector.
  • Take out this battery’s connector plate and then the battery connector as well.

iPhone Battery Replacement

How To Replace iPhone 5 Battery

  • Put in place the new iPhone battery.
  • Now Connect the new placed battery lead with the connector just the old battery was connected.
  • Place that metal connector plate back on the top surface of the connector, and screw this back.
  • Check that no other thing got unplugged within the device.
  • Put the front screen back and then press on it to get back to the frame.
  • Screw both the screws in the bottom of iPhone back in.
  • Power on the iPhone with a new battery and enjoy.

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