How To Restore iCloud Backup On iPhone

People with various iOS devices usually think that iCloud is a real blessing service offered by Apple. The real big need of iCloud is it is available everywhere if you have an Apple ID. For instance you buy a new iOS device such as iPhone or iPad simply to replace you old device then all you need to take a backup which you will restore on your new device and here’s we have few steps which show how to restore iCloud backup on iPhone or iPad, which will bring all your installed apps, messages, contacts, photos on your new device with few simple steps.

We are presenting this special post for all of you that how you can restore your  icloud backup, just follow instructions given below to perform the backup restore procedure:

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How To Restore iCloud Backup On iPhone

  • On your new iPhone welcome screen slide across option called “slide to set up”, and then pick your desired language

iCloud Choose Language

  • Choose your own country or region, and then select and give the password for wi-fi network available for you, if there is no Wi-Fi you can choose the cellular network but you will not able to restore complete iCloud backup when using cellular network

iCloud Choose Country

  • On next screen options for “Enable Location Service” and “Disable Location Service” will be provided to you, for certain apps such Maps, Compase etc this service is required
  • And after that Restore from iCloud backup or iTunes screen will be shown and here give your required credentials

Restore From iCloud

  • Next “Terms and Conditions.” will be prompted to agree just hit agree button
  • And finally select your required iCloud backup to restore from available iCloud backups if already made.

Restoring iCloud Backup

That all about restoring iCloud backup on your iOS device. Please remember that the backup will take more time if you have more data in your backup. The iCloud will begin to restore your backup all your apps, contacts, photos and other types of media you have so hang on until the restoration process is completed.

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