How To Restrict Mobile Data Usage On Galaxy S3, S4 & S5

Mobile Data limits are definitely the scourge of all people now a days. They are a vital wicked but frequently it be used up just when you require this and after that you will get ridiculous extra charges. Galaxy gadgets make this very easy and nice for all those who want to set a limit the mobile data usage in order to avoid used up of mobile data completely or getting on some shock when receiving the mobile bill at end of that month. Yes for all those here we’ve a little guide that how to restrict mobile data usage on Galaxy S3, S4 & S5 devices.


How To Restrict Mobile Data Usage On Galaxy S3, S4 & S5

On Samsung Galaxy S3 just tap on “Settings -> Connections tab -> Data Usage -> Set Mobile Data Limit” and then here give what ever data limit that suits you just before you receive any warning. Our screen shots are of an international Samsung Galaxy S3 running on Android firmware version 4.3.


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On Samsung S4 it is just the same route: “Settings -> Connections tab -> Data Usage -> Set Mobile Data Limit.” Based on what model of Android you’ve or whatever Android custom ROM you could be running on, this path could be a bit different. Our screen shots here on an international model of Galaxy S4 running on Android firmware 4.4.2.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is somewhat distinctive because of the brand new TouchWiz, but it is in the same way easy as “Settings -> Quick Settings -> Data Usage -> Set Mobile Data Limit.” Here our Samsung Galaxy S5 is obviously running on straight out from the box firmware Android 4.4.2.


Note: You’ll only find the option of “Set Mobile Data Limit” if your device contain a SIM card with data enabled option.

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