Run iOS Apps On Android Device Using Cider

If you really wished to run native iOS apps on Android device, then you definitely get one step closer to this idea. Eventually we’ve got something that an iOS app can be ported to your Android OS, yes it is a highly demanded idea. There is certainly an opportunity that we can run iOS apps on Android device, it maybe Android phone or even tablet by using a new application called Cider.


At Computer Science Department of Columbia University six talented PhD scholars have designed a new tool identified as “Cider” that enables iOS apps to execute on Android i.e the market most wanted mobile OS.

iOS Apps On Android Device

Actually Cider, is a compatibility architecture of OS which runs  apps of both these mobile operating systems on similar device. In cases like this, iOS apps ported on Android system, along with native Android apps.

So, just how Cider work? it simply play with Android phone or  tablet as the user feel that the application which is running at that point of time is designed for that system which is not in fact. It actually executes foreign binary by just mimicking the application original binary that was designed for iOS. So by doing this when any iOS apps that runs on Android device, perceives that it runs on iOS XNU kernel.

Despite that the people at the rear of this tool haven’t published this application for public use and even not mentioned any release date yet, but the excellent thing is that they’re working on this tool. And we hope that they will release this tool in near future very soon.

(Source : Cider paper)

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