What Samsung Build Number All About

Each and every time when a new firmware update shows up there is a new build number linked to that firmware which may sound like real mystery for you. You have possibly observed that your device model number seems to be there however the remaining number is probably like a puzzle. Not any longer! We will it make clear that what Samsung build number all about and how Samsung firmware numbering works, so you’re able to explain that what you are holding in your hand.

Samsung Build Number

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It is very simple, as soon as you understand what you are trying to find. It is generally split up into three different parts, which is obviously sense as:1- device model,2- country/language, 3- build date info. It is why when installing any firmware manually by means of Odin you need to make sure that you’ve the suitable firmware for your own model and region. Being aware of the date on which that firmware was actually compiled is also facilitates you to know that what is new and distinguish the firmware builds when sometimes things go down the wrong path.


So, let’s get to it. The latest firmware available for the Galaxy S4 international variant is I9500XXUFNC1. Obviously, the I9500 is the model number for the international Galaxy S4. The next few letters are country code/CSC (customer software customization) related, you can find CSC code references on XDA and other sites, but you only need to look it up once for your country/CSC. The letter F in the example above (just before the last three numbers/letters) relates to the original Android version the firmware was based on, in this case Android 4.4.2.

What Samsung Build Number All About

Samsung Firmware Build Numbers

Last but not least, we get the last part NC1 – the real end,  and that is the date information of build number and the information which you really want to know very often a when new firmware out there. Years are actually alphabetically covered from the very first character, such as N mean 2014, then the subsequent letter is actually month of that year, in this case it is March. The last character is actually the version number or revising code in that specific month, so it indicates that this is first firmware version in March, 2014. If these versions codes in any month exceeds nine, then the last character will end up with a letter, so it means “A” will be actually 10, “B” will denote 11 and so forth.

Here are some date codes info for reference only:


J = 2010

K = 2011

L = 2012

M = 2013

N = 2014

and so on…


A = January

B = February

C = March

D = April

E = May

F = June

G = July

H = August

I = September

J = October

K = November

L = December

and the other letters will probably pertain to the test builds, such as some pre-release firmware builds etc. Hopefully you will be all aware of what Samsung build number all about.

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