How To Send Anonymous Messages On iPhone

Instant text messaging and communication apps are going through a real boom now, and it is actually no coincidence that considering the Facebook announced $16 billion for WhatsApp takeover, programmers have planned different ways to take advantage of this profitable market. A brand new iPhone app known as Truth, providing a new perspective in the realm of secret messaging, enables people to keep anonymous chats with all those which is on your contacts list, may be find an area of interest for some users as other app as well. Here with this app you can find the answer that how to send anonymous messages from your iPhone.


Everyone making use of the Truth network actually to send messages by giving their own user ID and an avatar which is randomly generated. Those who are using the ‘truth’ app can really read what another person wants to communicate directly to them anonymously, and if this app is not installed already, a SMS is delivered with the info that what Truth is all about and from where it could be downloaded.

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Send Anonymous Messages On iPhone

Of course, anything involving anonymity, particularly in this Digital Age, is open to abuse from the cyber bullies, but with only five percent of messages sent via Truth reported as spam, offensive, or otherwise nuisance correspondence so far, it will be interesting to see how it takes off.

Truth iPhone app

At the moment, the app appears to latched upon some youngsters and high-schoolers, and as any start-up while in the arena of social conversation are fully aware of, said demographic consists of the most precious part of this market. Young persons dictate the Instant messaging game, and with many other apps just like Truth having managed already to rustle up few really good financial commitment from VCs, it’ll be fascinating to see whether it catches on.

If you’ve something to mention to your own friend, but want to do this anonymously, then you will definitely give a real try to Truth. It is totally free to download from App store.

(Download: Truth for Anonymous Messages iPhone from App Store)

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