How To Send Apps Between Paired Android Devices Using Bluetooth

Many people are asking that how to send any file or app using Bluetooth between paired Android devices. This is very useful when you need to transfer them from old Android device to new device or phone here is how to send apps between paired Android devices using Bluetooth.

BlueTooth File Transfer

First of all, you have to enable your device Bluetooth and then pair the devices in which you need to share the file or app. To pair your devices, just open the device settings and then find the Bluetooth setting, and enable it and select the device you have to pair with. A message will pop-up that while show that the devices is successfully paired with each other.

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Steps To Send Apps Between Paired Android Devices via Bluetooth

You need to download and install Bluetooth File Transfer app to share file or app between devices. To download this app head over this link.

Bluetooth File Transfer makes it possible for you to transfer different kinds of files through Bluetooth in between paired Android devices.

  • Open Bluetooth File Transfer app and at bottom-right corner of action overflow menu tap the menu button
  • Then hit More
  • Next tap the Send apps and select the specified app which you like to send
  • If your device Bluetooth is unpredictable, you have to send one at a time or just a two or three at a time. Next tap on Send

BlueTooth File Transfer

  • Wait while the app find the connected device and after this long press the other device you want to send the app, and hit connect.

(Source Quentin Ducreux)

As soon as the file transfer is completed, you’ll see that on other device the app will be listed under APK files, which is ready to install. To install the app you have to click the “Unknown source” check box from device security settings.

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