Send Facebook Messages Without Messenger App: Here’s How

Facebook last month announced that messaging service will no longer will be available in their official Facebook app for iOS devices so that iOS users will definitely jump to use Facebook Messenger app in order to chat with their friends. As people not using their Messenger app as many users already uninstall the Messenger app from their devices but the question is that how to send Facebook messages without Messenger app and here is a trick just follow it.

Facebook Messenger App

However, if anyone still want to stay away from this constraint and want to chat without having Facebook Messenger app, then you can use following methods. Here we are detailing couple of techniques here which will enable you to send or receive messages in Facebook without even installing the Facebook Messenger app.

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Steps To Send Facebook Messages Without Messenger App

Before using this method make sure that the Facebook Messenger app is not installed on your device is installed, just uninstall this.

  • ¬†On your iPhone or iPad open Facebook app and just tap on Messages tab
  • A message will appear which will ask you to install the Messenger app just hit the “Install” button

Facebook Messenger app

  • After hitting the Install button the App Store will open, start downloading the Messenger app, the real trick is here just hit the solid blue colored square button to pause the app installation in the middle

Facebook Messenger app

  • Just go back to the Facebook app and now you can chat with your friends without Messenger app and all the chat options will also will be available to you.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad you can use following tweak to chat with Facebook app.

Tweak To Send Facebook Messages Without Messenger App

You can use a new Cydia tweak called FBNoNeedMessenger to chat with your friends without using the Facebook Messenger app. There is no configuration is required just install this tweak on your jailbroken device for free and start chatting with the Facebook app. FBNoNeedMessenger is compatible with Facebook app v13.1.

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