Setting up Fingerprint Scanner on Samsung Galaxy S5

If you have picked up Samsung Galaxy S5 and want to setup fingerprint scanner on your Galaxy S5 as Samsung has already introduced its great fingerprint scanner feature in most of its Android devices. People are using the fingerprint scanners nowadays world-wide to authenticate for many purposes. You can create up to 3 different fingers, back it up with a password and can be used for PayPal payments, lock the screen or to authenticate Samsung account. Although it’s not much like Apple’s fingerprint scanner but we’ll swipe a finger over the home-screen button to go into fingerprint scanning process in Samsung Galaxy S5.


Today we’ll let you know that how to easily setup fingerprint scanner on your Samsung Galaxy S5 device.

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Steps To Setup Fingerprint Scanner on Samsung Galaxy S5

Step by step instructions to set up fingerprint scanner on Samsung Galaxy S5:

Step No 1:- Go to Menu and then Menu -> Settings on your Samsung Galaxy S5

Step No 2:- Tap on the Finger scanner after Scrolling down

Step No 3:- Some options will be displayed here that will let you to setup fingerprint scanner lock on your S5 screen, on Samsung account by just swiping the finger to login, and Pay with PayPal

Step No 4:- Now go to Menu -> Settings -> Finger Scanner -> Fingerprint Manager to setup a new fingerprint that you’ll required.

Step No 5:- After setting up a new fingerprint you will need to verify your previously entered fingerprint.

Step No 6:- Up to 3 fingerprints can be registered, just hit button to add a new fingerprint.

Step No 7:- Hit OK button to accept the disclaimer by the device

Step No 8:- Swipe down your finger eight times to register a fingerprint.

Step No 9:- Finally after completing the above process, your fingerprint will be successfully stored and registered in your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Setup Samsung-Galaxy-S5-Fingerprint-Scanner

I am sure you will understand the steps easily but If you are getting problem about this then let us know in the comments area below.

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