How To Share Android Data Connection With PC

While travelling you really need to use your laptop where no public WiFi available? Perhaps your home Internet connection is down? So no matter what the reason, and you have actually got an Android phone having an active mobile  3G or 4G data connection, you may share this with your own PC with tether feature. It will make it possible for you to use your Android network connection on your own computer. Here’s how to share Android data connection with PC.


This sharing of connection could be done by using a few techniques: your gadget can behave like a wireless hotspot, where the signals can be transmitted through Bluetooth, or you may offer this connection by just plugging your device by using USB cable. The technique we’re showcasing works for almost any Android device running on Android 2.2 or later. Unfortunately if you are having a device running Android 2.1 or below, you will use the app such as Easy Tether or PDANet to do the same things.

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Always remember: this comes at a cost. If you’ve got a limited data plan, you may find that you’ll eat up your monthly allotment much faster when tethered to a PC. If you’ve got an unlimited plan, go crazy!

How To Share Android Data Connection With PC

  • Go-to the “Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> More -> Tethering & Portable Hotspots”


  • Just Tick on the “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot” option here and just tap the “Setup Wi-Fi hotspot”. You will also have the options for the USB and Bluetooth tethering if you really need them to use. We just focus on Wi-Fi option here.


  • It will enable to change the name of network you need to displayed and opt for a password. The moment you done it, just click Save.

And now  you have bought a real hotspot broadcast device! open your PC or laptop and you will find a new wireless network out these in your on the list of available networks.

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