Step By Step Instruction For Fixing Cydia Faults via SSH [Download Links]

If you are fed up with experiencing cydia faults, as they are not able to fix straight through the Cydia app, then don’t worry about that there is no way to get rid of these faults. There are some other more useful and efficient methods available that will surely help you to get over this issue. So check out this tutorial which will advise you that how to fix cydia faults via SSH.

How to Fix Cydia Faults Via SSH
How to Fix Cydia Faults Via SSH

Required Programs  

Before starting the process you must have the required programs below.

  • Cydia
  • WinSCP (Windows)
  • Cyberduck (Mac)
  • Wi-Fi accessibility
  • Notepad

Steps To Fix Cydia Faults Via SSH

Now lets go to the primary component of the information that are the step by step instruction that will help you how to fix Cydia faults via SSH:

  1. First of all, using cydia install, open SSH on your iDevice. Then install SSH program such as Cyberduck or WinSCP.
  2. Run the installed SSH program.
    (If you are new for using SSH then you have to set up your Settings so that the system can identify and then get connected to your device)
  3. Your device’s WiFi address host name so configure it, and then set up your username which is set to default user as “root” and lastly your security password which is set by default as “alpine.”
  4. Next you need to figure out the resource that is resulting in you errors through cydia, so that you can eliminate it.
  5. In order to start fresh,  navigate  to the main  directory. After this you will then need to navigate to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/. Search for Cydia.list and open it with a text-editing program such as Notepad. There you will see a list of “deb” sources, for example, “deb /”
  6. Now the final step. Delete that error causing source and then reboot or re-spring your device.

Now your device is free of the trouble caused by Cydia faults.

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