Top 4 Free App Locker Android Security Apps [Download]

You can find millions of Paid and Free apps in the Google Play Store as thousands of apps are being added there every day. We’ve collected some apps that you must have installed for better performance, usage and Aproductivity on your Android device. For example Web Browser, File Explorer, Antivirus, App Lock and security apps etc are the apps that you must have on your gadget.

No doubt to say that your first concern should be security as well as an antivirus, you must have a good app locker app installed on your Android device. Your messages, contacts, videos and photos that is your personal data should be secured. There are a lot of free app lockers for android available and you can lock any app with it. You will have to input the same to open it after setting the password for a specific app to open next time. So can password protect personal data and apps and can prevent the unauthorized access.

You may have seen many Android security apps developed by developers having some pros and cons over others. I’ve personally tried many app locker apps and here is a list of best free app locker Android security apps.

Now go ahead and have a look on the collection of top app lock android apps of 2014.

Top 4 Best App Locker Android Security Apps

1. Smart App Protector

Smart App Protector has advanced security features and will let you password protect installed apps as well as pattern lock or gestures. You can lock any installed app including the default apps. The wonderful feature of this app to capture a photo of that person automatically after a wrong password is entered. You can also this app to block incoming and outgoing calls on your Android device. Moreover you can see its further features once you’ve installed it like you can deactivate lock automatically remotely lock Apps by SMS, specified locations, locking of 3G Data and setting a specific time period for app lock.


2. AppLock

AppLock app is the most popular and most downloaded best security app for Android devices. You can hide personal photos and videos with AppLock easily so should not more need to worry about your privacy by having this app on your Android. Your added photos and videos into Photo vault and Video vault will be automatically hidden, and that can be accessed by providing the correct password. In the same way, any app installed on your Android Phone such as Gmail, Facebook, Google Play Store, WhatsApp, and Games etc. You can also password protect your Contacts, Messages and Settings panel using this app locker app. AppLock app will be automatically started when you restart your Android device as it is generally running in background.

Go to Application Settings, and from there you can simply set a custom Password for the apps, marking the applications that you wish to lock and activate them.


3. Perfect Applock

Perfect Applock is a free Android app and is on the third number in our list
having 4.6 rating on Google Play Store. You can lock any installed app on your Android device with custom lock pattern or with a PIN code. To block incoming and outgoing calls and automatically capture photo of the person just after third wrong password attempt are its amazing features like smart app protector. You can also turn on the app lock feature simply by sending an SMS if your Android device is away.

Download Perfect Applock Android App from the given download link:-


4. Fast App Lock

Fast App Lock is simple Android app locker app by doing its primary task of locking Android apps within seconds specially working well to protect WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook etc and to password protect your personal messages folder as well. You can make your private apps/data secured by setting a unique password or pattern on the applications. You can prevent the Fast App Lock from being uninstalled by its system lock advanced security feature.


Let us know in the comments area below if you have tried them or any other good App locker…

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